How Does CBD Works For Dogs?

Posted by Infuzion on Jun 1st 2021

How Does CBD Works For Dogs?

CBD is a safe, effective, and easy way to help dogs of any age to deal with separation anxiety, joint and mobility problems, pain, seizure disorders and other neurological conditions, and inflammation. It is also effective for treating issues with nausea or a decrease in appetite. While CBD is often used in separation anxiety for dogs, it is also effective for other types of fears or anxiety-provoking issues such as fear of thunderstorms or loud noises.

In general, CBD used in dogs treats many of the same systems experienced by humans. This is perhaps not surprising as dogs and humans are both mammals and share common physiological and metabolic systems.

Infuzion offers quality CBD products for small pets as well as for horses. Dogs and cats will benefit from the 250mg or 500mg tincture that is applied in drop form. Dogs love the flavor and quickly adjust to a drop or two in the mouth. It can also be applied to food or a treat for easy

What to Expect

Dogs that are treated with CBD do not have any dramatic change in energy levels or behavior. As there is no psychoactive response, but owners find anxious pets are calm and relaxed, helping to reduce stress and anxiety behaviors such as barking, chewing, cowering, or shaking.

Older dogs with arthritis or other mobility problems or dogs with joint injuries that cause pain have increased mobility with the use of CBD oil for pets. They are able to move around without discomfort and stay active, which helps with overall pet health.

To find out more about our CBD tincture for dogs and other small pets, browse the website or reach out to the team at 760-688-3107.