1000MG CBD BALM 1oz / 30ml

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Product Overview

Buy Naturally Soothing Lavender Oil CBD Balm Online

If you are in need of a fantastic moisturizer balm for your skin, nothing could be better than the collection at Infuzion CBD. Our CBD balm for topical use packs in nourishing and benefitting essential oils. It also helps deal with skin that is dry, aging, or irritated while adding a whole new sense of vibrancy to your skin.

When you buy CBD topical online, you get access to a potent formulation that delivers a smooth application along with an amazing skin penetration pattern. With long term usage, you will eventually feel a sense of hydration in the skin that doesn’t dry away easily.

CBD Topical Balm for Better Skin with Coconut Oil Infusion

Infuzion is proud to bring you its full-spectrum CBD balm with 1000 mg concentration that helps you keep your skin all healthy, young, and supple. Blended beautifully with the essential oils extracted from eucalyptus and lavender, this CBD balm is something you will definitely love to add to your skin-care collection.

At Infuzion CBD, we spare no methods to track down the topmost quality botanicals & skincare ingredients blended with the best marijuana CBD extract to tend to your dryness and discomfort issues.

Why try CBD balm by Infuzion CBD?

CBD is the best natural extract by Infuzion that helps restore youth and clarity without having any long-term side effects on your skin. Unlike your quick chemical fixes, the CBD balm we manufacture helps keep up the natural integrity of your skin without leading to any damage.

Along with CBD oil, our products bring in the soothing effect of lavender and eucalyptus that helps keep you feel all-natural with no skin deterioration. Our ultra-premium ingredients combined with the hemp-oil extract that provides you an elite experience in terms of skincare.

Whether you suffer from issues such as auto-immune conditions, psoriasis, or similar skin problem, this balm will definitely be your go-to option. You can also deal with your flaky rash or similar conditions on places such as knees, elbows, feet, palms, face, as well as scalp.


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