Stem Cell

Infuzion CBD Stem Cell

Stem Cell Technology

Stem cells are the cornerstone of regenerative medicine, offering access to powerful methods that are designed by nature to repair damage to tissues of the body.

  • Human stem cells have an important function in the body: to closely monitor the status quo while making corrections when necessary.
  • At Infuzion CBD Sciences, we have partnered with the leading experts in formulation to develop a range of Lifeline stem cell serums that harness human non-embryonic stem cell proteins that promote natural healing for your skin.These ingredients work together to enhance cell to cell signaling for targeted effects that are potent and effective.

Give your skin what it deserves for a fresher, more youthful appearance free from blemishes with our Lifeline range that will have you looking and feeling at your peak. Our all-natural solution is the perfect addition to your daily skin care routine.


Small Molecule Technology

At Infuzion CBD Sciences, we have pioneered the “small molecule” technology to create an advanced formula that offers maximum benefit to your skin. Smaller than the eye, or even a microscope, can see, the molecules in our Molecular Renewal Serum provide the benefits of rapid absorption to your skin so that your cells can be revitalized in a short timeframe. Our serum is designed to stimulate the generation of elastin and collagen to give your skin a firmer, younger, more glowing look. Traditional anti-aging lotions simply sit on top of your skin, but with our small molecule technology, you will receive the benefits where they matter the most.

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