CBD Gummies For Sleep: Are They Worth A Try?

Posted by Infuzion on Jun 3rd 2021

CBD Gummies For Sleep: Are They Worth A Try?

Our Infuzion CBD gummies are some of our most popular products. We offer different options in gummies that offer the relaxation and pain management effects of CBD combined with the support to unwind and relax the mind. This combination of pain management and reduction of anxiety and depression makes them a great option to use at any time of the day or evening.

The Sleep Foundation estimates that as many as 70 million adult Americans do not get the recommended hours of sleep per night. In fact, over 35% of adults get less than the minimum of 7 hours. Finding ways to safely and naturally drift off to sleep helps millions to feel more energetic, less irritable, and to help with the management of both physical and mental health issues.

CBD Gummies for Sleep

We offer several different options in CBD levels in our gummies. This includes 300mg to up to 700mg, allowing you to choose the level best suited to your body's response to the CBD. Start with a lower level if you are new to CBD and gradually increase until you find the desired effects.

Using CBD gummies before bed helps to relieve pain that can lead to sleeping problems. Combining this with the ability to relax the mind and reduce anxiety and stress helps you to have a good night's sleep.

We also offer specialized CBD and Melatonin Night Time Gummies. The addition of melatonin enhances your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep all night. Like our other gummies, they come in a range of delicious fruit flavors, perfect for use as part of your nighttime routine.

For more information on our CBD gummies for pain management and sleep, call us at 760-688-3107.