Human Stem Cell 100MG CBD Night Time Eye Cream 1oz / 15ml

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Product Overview

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Formula for Skin Regeneration

Our CBD stem cell anti-aging skin care cream takes your skin treatment process way beyond just CBD. We combine a collection of the best ingredients to treat your skin with only the best in place.

Stem cell formulation in the cream contains two prime components, which lead to better growth factors for the skin along with the regulation of stem-cell division for healthier skin.

Our cream works by effective stimulation of your skin’s stem cells that effectively restores and activates the ability of the skin to regenerate & protect itself.

Before the start of your aging process, using the CBD-infused cream helps slow down the progress and restore the original elasticity.

The CBD stem cells regeneration feature comes with the epigenetic factor & metabolites that assure skin cell longevity. Our products are free of gluten and are cruelty-free as well. The cream works in a perfect manner at night while you and your skin rest.

Buy Cutting-Edge CBD Stem Cell Night Cream

When you buy CBD stem cell at Infuzion, you get access to an efficient skin care regimen that brings you a potent CBD extract.

Our CBD cream is a careful blend of broad-spectrum extract that flaunts a 100mg concentrate. Our CBD night cream imparts both longevity as well as vitality to the stem cells of your skin.

Further, this cream aids in the prevention of age-related degradation of the skin along with a healthy re-growth of the skin cells. Our formulation promotes the faster formation of healthy and new skin with enhanced longevity.

Why buy CBD stem cell cream at Infuzion CBD?

When you shop at Infuzion CBD, you get access to high-quality products that help treat yours under eye skin issues. Here are some reasons for you to shop with us:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review